Tuesday, March 18, 2008

San Diego Women's Networking Event

I attended a networking event over the weekend, where I met many wonderful business owners from the area.

Interestingly enough, many of these companies were those I'd have recommended to others, had I discovered them on my own.

Having met so many successful business-owners at this event, I'm even more inspired now to share my services through Happy Healthy Hip Parenting.

I was thrilled to be talking to others about my company and to discuss the importance of family with parents like myself and to encourage them to see the value of investing in the most rewarding relationships they will ever have - the relationship between parent and child as well as the relationship between co-parents.

Already, after marketing and advertising for only six months I have received a number of inquires, enrolled several people in the parenting workshops scheduled at Java Mama in La Mesa, and have witnessed amazing moms and dads with unique family dynamics learn to work together and welcome into their lives a new way of communicating and growing as a family.

There are many unique and wonderful family-owned businesses in the San Diego area. I encourage you to check out the companies listed here and include any comments you may have about these, or other locally-owned businesses that you support.

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