Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guilt-Free Giveaway

Do you feel responsible for everyone around you? Do you value the feelings of others more than your own? Do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself? Then you may be trapped by toxic guilt - and the book, Escaping Toxic Guilt by Susan Carrell, RN, LPC, may be for you.

Trying to win the approval of others - parents, spouse, coworkers, friends, children - can strain your relationships, drain your energy, and dominate your life. The five easy-to-follow steps in Escaping Toxic Guilticon can liberate you from self-defeating patterns and put you on the path to living life fully, joyfully, and on your own terms.


Send me your email address today and you could win an autographed copy of Susan Carrell's new book! Feel happy, healthy, hip - and guilt free - every day! Drawing will be held in one week, on March 19th.

Susan Carrell is a licensed counselor and therapist with more than twenty years of experience. She is also a registered nurse, with a specialization in psychiatric nursing, and a former hospital chaplain.

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