Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birth Order Compatilibity

Ready for relationship advice you can really use? To get your instant birth order analysis and find out the most compatible guy for you, just select the option that best describes your sibling situation. They'll take care of the rest!

Birth Order Compatibility

I'm the youngest and have one older sister which means my results claim:
Feminine is your middle name. You can flirt along with the best of them, and no one has a better imagination, especially when it comes to romance. In fact, sometimes you surprise yourself with the amazing, offbeat, creative ideas that pop into your head. If you could put even a fraction of your brainstorms into practice, you’d quickly become a millionaire. And speaking of money, it’s more important to you than to other women. Not only should you be sure to find a career that will satisfy you, but you should pair up with a guy who will help you achieve your dreams. Together you’ll take big risks and aim for the stars—the financial stars, that is. Your best match is an older brother of sisters, although he may feel you’re not as feisty as the younger sisters he grew up with. An older brother of brothers could also be a good match, even though he might not understand your feminine side as much as you’d like. A younger brother of sisters could keep you amused and entertained, but he might annoy you at times with his lack of attention.
If you've already found someone to spend the rest of your life with - this article discusses the importance of keeping your relationship emotionally healthy in order to keep the individuals involved physically healthy - a must-read.

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