Friday, February 22, 2008

Organic Milk

I'm trying to stay healthy and keep my son interested in fruits and vegetables. He has no idea that he's eating right although occasionally he'll ask for "junk food" and never really puts up a fuss when I say, "No."

For a while we were both drinking soy milk and then I realized that it might not be the best choice for a growing little boy. And, since he and I are together for only 60% of the time - and most of that time he's in school - I've decided to switch us both to Organic Milk.

Horizon has a cute little logo and a bright red (at least the kind we buy) carton so I can't miss it in the dairy section.

More information on raising organic families can be found in Kiwi Magazine, another new favorite of mine.

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Maxine said...

Congratulations on switching to organic milk. Smart move! Horizon is great milk. they have single serve sizes that my daughter (and I ) love for her lunch box. Thanks for the kind words about KIWI too! There's a Horizon coupon in our April issue, so don't forget to cut it out. We also drink Silk chocolate soy milk which is got to be the best chocolate soy out there. I serve it to my daughter's friends and no one knows it's soy milk.
--Maxine Wolf, CEO & Publisher, KIWI Magazine