Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trendy Tots

Are you a photographer? Do you have a baby between 3-12 months who you've been told should be a model? Trendy Tadpole needs you!

If you're looking for ways to get your infant or toddler started in a career of modeling, or if you've been searching for a way to get your name out there for your photography business, contact the people over at Trendy Tadpole today!

In exchange for some amazing photographs of your little ones in the hip clothing that Trendy Tadpole offers, they're willing to let you keep the clothes - FREE clothes - what could be better than that for us hip, trendy folks who are constantly getting compliments on your little ones' wardrobe?

Make sure to let them know that you heard about Trendy Tadpole from us here at Happy Healthy Hip Parenting. Exchange links are available through their website as well to help promote your business.

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