Sunday, October 21, 2007

Java Mama Story Time

I had an opportunity to promote and sell Kane/Miller picture books through the Working Moms with Toddlers Meetup Group that I'm a member of here in San Diego. One of the moms in the group suggested that I host a story time at Java Mama in La Mesa.

It turned out to be a fantastic event although I couldn't tell you how many moms and kids were there (I was too busy reading a counting book to count the number of heads).

The counting book that I read, with the help of my page-turning assistant and son, was One Woolly Wombat, from Australia. Written and illustrated by Rod Trinca and Kerry Argent, this picture book features Australian birds, reptiles and other creatures along with rhyming text and the numbers 1-14.

Afterwards, I read a second book from Australia, Bobbie Dazzler. By Margaret Wild and Janine Dawson, this one features a red-necked Wallaby who amazes her friends with the acrobatic - gymnastic abilities she has, although sadly, the list doesn't include the splits. Bobbie's friends Koala, Possum and Wombat don't mind, but Bobbie certainly does.

After much practice Bobbie finally manages to do the splits, although she's not quite sure how she's going to get back up to a standing position! Her friends help Bobbie, encourage her and even participate in these activities that also kept the children jumping, hopping, whirling and twirling.

I sold a few books this morning, made some new friends and discovered a wonderful place to take my son and enjoy my daily caffeine requirement at the same time. I can't wait to go back and possibly host another story time event before the holidays.


Liz B said...

Please check in with us to let us know you & your son are OK.

Jen Robinson said...

Ditto what Liz said. Hope you're coping ok with the fire, and office closure and all.