Saturday, April 11, 2009

Children with Special Needs

Working with families and getting to know children and parents personally has allowed me the opportunity to truly see how different each and every one of us truly are.

Snowflakes, fingerprints and yes, people are so unique and diverse that I find pleasure in observing others and witnessing the wonderful and dynamic individuals who will be the leaders and pioneers of the next generation.

Because every child is different, I have always felt that each child has special needs that need to be acknowledged and addressed. I'm not talking about children with developmental or physical challenges that require specialized care. I'm simply referring to the fact that parents, educators and anyone dealing with children on a regular basis really needs to understand the child and validate who they are, as we are all created equal, and perfectly.

No two children are exactly alike, as anyone with more than one child will confirm. Even those with twins - both fraternal and identical - will appreciate the distinct differences that make each child their own person. Our job as their role models and support system is to honor those differences, allow children to make healthy choices that not only encourage their independence, but their creativity and curiosity.

As a parent coach and parent educator, I work with families to be able to truly "see" their children and to provide suggestions and ideas for them to feed their children in ways that will increase their energy, instead of diminish it. I advise moms and dads about ways in which they may be putting false expectations on their child - or themselves - based on the accomplishments, goals or desires of another.

To begin to see ourselves and our children for who we really are is one of the greatest gifts we can provide for ourselves and our loved ones. Through parenting courses and working one-on-one with families, let's discuss the special needs of your child and how we can begin to make life less stressful and create more peace in our home.

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