Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Honoring Mother Earth

I sent out the Happy Healthy Hip Parenting News You Can Use earlier today in which I discussed ways in which people are honoring Earth Day.

My son's pre-kindergarten classroom has taken on the challenge of not using electricity for a total of 24 hours (both at home and in school). This is quite a challenge, since parents were asked to send food that didn't require the microwave and during peaceful time when they typically listen to soothing music, they're now resting in total silence. And yes, their classroom has moved to the outdoors since they can't do as much inside without lights!

At home tonight, the TV will remain off but the biggest challenge I see - for both my son and I - is the use of our computers. Technology has evolved to the point where I truly rely on my laptop for pretty much everything (that my iPhone cannot do). My son enjoys playing games on the computer, whether it's online at Hot, or using Garage Band to create music, which means we'll pull out board games and head outside to enjoy nature.

Another challenge for me,with the heat being near the 80s today, is the idea of sitting inside without the use of fans or air conditioning.
If nothing else, this challenge has made me more aware of how reliant we are on electricity to simply get through our day. The highlight for me though has to be the idea of not cooking since I'd have to use the stove for that!

How is your family honoring Mother Earth today - and every day?

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Lori Calabrese said...

We really are reliant on electricity to get through our days, aren't we? I know I'd be lost without my laptop, too!

Often the only way we find out is when we lose our electricity, so it's nice when it's actually voluntary!

We honored Mother Earth this week (unfortunately, we were rained out today) by adding flowers to our garden a few days ago. It's amazing how boys will take any opportunity to play in the dirt and get dirty!

All the best,