Monday, December 22, 2008

Great Grandmas

It's hard to be away from my family during the holiday season but this year, with my grandmother passing, it's especially difficult for me to be thousands of miles away, unable to grieve with my loved ones or be there for her funeral.

I will be honoring her in my own way tomorrow, remembering the special woman who lived to be ninety after raising seven children on her own. She never once complained so I will think of her when I go through a challenging moment with my one and only child, and try especially hard to stay positive, like my grandma always did.

My grandmother truly was a unique individual and I will miss her dearly. My son was only nine months old when he met her for the first time. Here he is with my mom and my grandmother, back in 2004.
Three generations and three people who mean the world to me.


Anonymous said...

Sondra, I'm sorry for your loss, and sorry you're grieving on your own. Perhaps, like my own grandmother who passed at 100, she'll make her spirit presence known through your son, and perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing she's still close by. Our children are such sensitive beings, and they are much more open to spirit energies than we are.

What a lovely picture of the three generations! Your son at nine months is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Blessings to you.

Mom Sylvie said...

Sondra, Thank you for remembering Grandma Rhoda in this special way. We will all miss her.
I always remember how she laughed when she first
heard Dominic say "Grama Rhoda". He was special
to her. Love, Mom Sylvie