Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My *Hip* Hurts

I had a job interview this afternoon. Wow, was I unprepared and overdressed. I have never felt more unhip in my life.

The music playing in the lobby was loud and the employees were young and seemed to be dressed for a party, or at least like nothing I've ever seen in the casual work environments that I've been exposed to.

The interview - if I can even call it that - lasted less than five minutes and consisted of someone else doing all the talking - and boy, did she talk fast.

Afterward, I told my parents about the experience and laughed at myself for being so concerned with what I was wearing, what I looked like, how I appeared.

Suddenly, the Saturday Night Live skit featuring Stuart Smalley and his Daily Affirmation came to mind: "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me."

It was my first interview in over 8 years. I may (or may) not get called back for a second interview. Hopefully, if I do, I'll be able to have a two-sided conversation that lasts more than five minutes.

Is there anything worse than a job interview? I think I'd rather go on a first date since typically there's something in it for me, like free food or alcohol.

Speaking of dates (and alcohol), today is my son's fifth birthday. I'll be celebrating this exciting milestone tomorrow, along with the start to 2009.

Have a Happy Healthy Hip New Year!


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you do get called back for a second interview!

Chris said...

Boy, can I realate to this! I have been job hunting for several months and feel so OLD! LOL When did that happen? I am too educated, too old, too pudgy and too far away from good paying jobs. ACK First dates were definetely easier!!