Monday, July 13, 2009

Did someone say roadtrip?!

The craziest thing about my upcoming roadtrip to Chicago is that it was someone else's idea. I don't want to take complete credit for this adventure I'm about to take! You see, originally Caryn, of Rockin' Mama, invited me to join in for the ride. She convinced me to drive from beautiful San Diego to the Windy City and I somehow jumped on the opportunity. She had also asked Amanda, of Mommy Mandy, to accompany us and everything was all set (not in stone, however).

Things happen for a reason, and with Caryn's pregnancy and Mandy's p
lans changing, I'm now driving on my own to Denver, where I'll pick up Sugar Jones. It's bound to get crazy after that!

Even though we're not taking the kids on this trip (maybe next time), there are many families heading out on the road this summer. Here's some great activities, toys and games that would help keep the kiddos occupied on a long car ride (no batteries required):

USA Map Pillowcase ($25)

Kid Kase ($60)

Lap Doodle Board ($15)

Road Games 1– Sound Effects CD ($10)

Klutz Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit ($14)

Klutz Road Trip Trivia ($13)

Kids' Interstate Road Atlas ($5)

Happy Travels!

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