Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surprising Discovery

Our son has discovered the .com addresses on everything he sees lately. He's just beginning to read, yet he'll tell me that there's a .com on his cereal box or on the TV commercials or on the boxes of his latest toy.

Just this morning my son and I were talking about the web addresses and how they're similar to phone numbers in that just about everyone my son knows has one. He tells me then that his website is 555.com and I just laugh.

Five is his favorite number (he can't wait to be another year older) and has told me that 555 is not only his web address, but it's his phone number and flight number as well. (He's been in more airplanes than I can count.)

Imagine my surprise when I actually found myself typing in the URL: http://www.555.com and not only discovering that a real website exists there, but it's one that I think is pretty relevant to this blog.

And so, here it is:
555 - Design | Fabrication | Management

It is the mission of 555 Design Fabrication Management to address client needs in an unmistakably bold manner. 555 has proven to be a dynamic face in the global design industry. By stressing innovation, functional design and the integration of specialized materials, 555 offers an unique language for expressing client tastes, styles and needs.

555 has applied its wide-ranging expertise to many projects, including complete architectural design, fixture fabrication and strategic brand development for Delia's, The Green Bay Packers, The Jean Paul Getty's Museum, Northstar Ski Village in Lake Tahoe, The Nine Steak House and Ghost Bar at The Palms Casino and Resort, Las Vegas. In addition, we have orchestrated the development of product packages on both a national and international level for companies such as Armani Exchange, The NBA, Burberry, Chanel, DKNY, YSL, Valentino, Tumi and Guess Jeans.

My son has a way of surprising me and making me think he knows a bit more than the rest of us (on most days).

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