Monday, April 28, 2008

fawn and forest

I would love to have another baby, just so I have an excuse to buy these beautifully designed products that I didn't know about the first time around. No, really. I would love to have another baby...eventually. Now, if or when that actually does happen, I'd have to actually find a way to afford these things. For now, I'll add them to my Baby's Registry list and think of ways to make some money in the meantime....donations anyone?

Seriously. Wouldn't you love to own these beautifully designed products for your little one?

tetra 2 | dresser + changing table

aerial crib toddler bed conversion kit

lullaboo changing table

henry IV high chair

playdate table + stools

mini bent ply stand

doodle drawer desk

(My son has this desk and we both adore it.
He colors or eats his snacks there, uses it to put together puzzles or watch TV.
It was definitely worth every penny.
And it was easy to put together, too.)

numbers poster

kids snack set | letter

organic dandelion jumper

animal puzzle

All products available through fawn & forest

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