Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tori and Dean

Several months ago, I interviewed Tori Spelling here in San Diego when she was in town for the Mother Goose Parade. The night before the annual event, the stars appeared at the W Hotel for a VIP media event where we were able to chat with the celebrities and I was lucky enough to grab Tori for an interview. 

Since she's written a few books about her life as a mom in Hollywood (sTORITelling and Mommywood) and appears with her husband and two children in their latest reality TV show, I took advantage and asked her a few questions about her life as a Mom and, of course, how she lost so much weight after her second child.

I never was able to obtain the footage of that interview, or it would've appeared on this site by now. The TV crew from her Tori and Dean show follows her every move, so they captured the interview and wouldn't you know it? Footage from our conversation appeared on their show last night. 

I was able to see a few clips from the show online, and noticed the challenges that they're experiencing. If anyone has a way to connect with Tori and Dean, please let them know that my services are available. Balancing work and family life is always a challenge and that's why I offer to help support parents by honoring their families and work with them to enrich their relationships.

I wasn't able to catch the show last night, so if anyone can provide me with access to it, I'd love to see how ridiculous I look (after the camera adds 10 pounds). UPDATE: Here's the video sneak preview. I'm shown 18 seconds in...for about 2 seconds!

By the way, Tori was awesome to chat with and was very sweet. I'm excited to have my fifteen minutes of fame alongside her and look forward to finally seeing that episode for myself.

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